How to Organize Cords Around Your Home
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How to Organize Cords Around Your Home

Jul 19, 2023

Save yourself some headaches and use these cord organization ideas.

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It'd be great if all of our electronic devices worked endlessly without a cord. But, they don't, and most of the devices we use in and around our houses have to be charged or powered by a cord at some point. That means there's usually a tangle of cords behind every entertainment center, desk, bed, and on the kitchen counter. While cords are inevitable, the mess doesn't have to be. Follow our tips below to learn how to organize cords with four different methods.

While it won't necessarily keep cords hidden, bunching cords together will look neater, keep them from tangling, and reduce tripping hazards. Here are a couple different options:

Once you've bundled the cords, label them so you can easily find the one you need. You can buy labels specifically intended for cords or make your own by wrapping a piece of masking tape around each cord and writing on it with a permanent ink pen.

Cable management boxes come in different shapes, colors, and styles. Useful in all areas of the home or at the office, they are designed as a hub to accommodate a power strip and multiple connected cords. A box is a simple way to keep spaces neat and help prevent accidental disconnections.

Cable raceways are narrow plastic strips with an open channel that adhere to walls, baseboards, and furniture edges to corral cords. The cords run through the channel between the power source and the electrical appliance. To use, attach the flat back of the raceway to the desired surface, thread the cords into the channel and cover with the top of the raceway to hide the cords. When selecting a raceway, answer these questions.

To keep cords off the floor and the tops of furniture, hide them behind furniture and inside drawers or cabinets.

What size and type of raceway do you need?Is the raceway paintable?How is the raceway mounted?Does the raceway include connectors?