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Jun 12, 2024

An Anacortes Police Officer spotted an extension cord running across an alley, across a sidewalk and to a camper parked on the street.

An officer was on patrol and observed an extension cord running from the backside of a residence in the 1200 block of 4th Street across an alley to the north of the residence, across a public sidewalk and into a camper parked in the 300 block of N Avenue. The camper had no license plate, but the responding officer recognized it and was familiar with the occupants, whom he had spoken to previously about not running extension cords across public sidewalks and alleyways for safety reasons, and the man has acknowledged each time. The cord was wrapped with duct tape and run underneath the residence. The responding officer unplugged the cord for safety but received no answer when he knocked on the camper. The officer later returned and found that it had moved, with the cord again plugged in. He unplugged the cord and was still unable to reach the occupants. The officer completed citations charging the occupants with public nuisance.

An officer was dispatched to a vehicle prowl in the 1300 block of H Avenue. The reporting party reported that she found her car door open and the battery dead. She said sometime overnight the driver-side door was opened and that her emergency blanket and garage door opener had been taken. She said she believed the door was locked.

The reporting party requested a welfare check of a woman living at a local apartment. An officer responded and could hear the woman calling for help from inside her residence. She was found to have fallen the day prior and was still on the floor unable to get up. Medics transported her to Island Health.

A five-year-old called 911 to report that his brother was being “crazy.” The responding officer contacted the boy’s father, who advised that there wasn’t an emergency and his kid had accidentally called.

An Anacortes man cut down a tree that was partially blocking the roadway around Oakes Avenue. Officers stood by until the tree was removed.

An officer was on patrol and observed a damaged stop sign at the intersection of M Avenue and 6th Street. The officer discovered that the sign bolts had been cut by a cutting tool, evidenced by the cut marks on the bolts and the dark burn marks on the sign and post. The officer notified the Anacortes Streets Department and left the sign leaning against the pole at ground level to still act as a traffic control signal.

An Anacortes woman reported that a man was at her house revving his car engine before leaving. She said this is an ongoing issue. An officer contacted her, and she said the man had come by the house twice that morning, revving his car engine. She said they were not in a relationship. The officer explained the need to get an anti-harassment order via Skagit County District Court. The responding officer called the man, who became hostile and eventually hung up on the officer.

An officer responded to a report that someone kicked in a door at a vacant building in the 1000 block of 8th Street. He explained that the upstairs apartment door had been kicked in and requested that police clear the building. Police found garbage and other items that made it appear as though someone had been staying in the apartment. The man said he would press charges if someone was caught. The broken door was valued at about $300.

Officers were dispatched to a possible fight in front of an Anacortes shop. The owner said the other involved man had refused to leave and was being aggressive toward the owner. The man denied any wrongdoing but agreed to gather his belongings and leave the property. The owner requested trespass, and the responding officer issued the trespass notice. The man declined to sign it but said he understood he was not to return.

An officer contacted a man who reported a stolen bicycle. He said that sometime between midnight and 6 a.m. that day, someone had entered his fenced front yard on 5th Street and had taken his BMX bike. He said he had already checked a nearby house he suspected but did not find the bike. The man said he would try to track down a serial number or photo of the bike for distribution.

Officers responded to a malicious mischief complaint on Q Avenue. The reporting party said that her vehicle had been damaged. She advised that the plastic eyelashes had been broken off her front headlights. She estimated that the cost to repair the eyelashes would be $130. There were no known suspects, and this is the second report this year involving the car’s damaged eyelashes.