Trond Flat Plug Extension Cords are on sale at Amazon
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Trond Flat Plug Extension Cords are on sale at Amazon

May 30, 2023

As anyone who travels frequently knows, hotel designers are out of touch with the modern populace. Come on, How difficult is it to have sufficient power outlets in places that make sense? For whatever reason, it seems there are never enough ports to charge your phone beside the bed, or a place to plug in your computer at the table. This portable power strip is here to save the day. At just $15, it's flat, compact and ideal for taking with you on the road.

This little guy is only 0.39 inches thick and has a five-foot long cable.

This extension cord has all the ports you could ask for in a tiny package. It has four AC outlets, including two three-prong outlets and two two-prong. It also has three USB-A outlets and one USB-C port. (Note: The product specs on the page are slightly wrong — it says there are four three-prong outlets and two USB-C outlets.)

One major plus is the spacing of the ports. It's smartly designed so that you can easily plug in multiple devices without the plugs overlapping one another. The company claims it can give you faster charging, but it doesn't explicitly say "fast-charge." That's an important distinction. Also note that it doesn't include surge protection, so your devices won't be protected from bad power outputs.

"I use this outlet for my nightstand. I used Velcro to attach to top of my nightstand and it has just enough plugs! I was using a smaller extension cord previously but everything I plugged something in it would become loose. All my connections are tight with this outlet! No issues," one fan said.

Another user echoed that sentiment with regard to travel. "Best investment ever! Went on a cruise and this plug-in was so very helpful for charging devices and for having extra plug-ins. Have had problems in hotels, too, in having enough charging ports and plug-ins. This power strip will go with me on all future trips."

A solid deal, indeed. Be sure to click the on-page coupon to get 20% off the list price!

This little guy is only 0.39-inches thick and has a five-foot long cable.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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