The Best Power Strips and Surge Protectors
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The Best Power Strips and Surge Protectors

Jul 27, 2023

The 1980s brought us the computer age and also ushered in the power strip. Most people had a desktop computer, a monitor, and maybe a printer—but add to those external drives, scanners, wireless routers, and other peripheral devices, and those two standard outlets most of us had were simply overwhelmed. Now we have laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other wireless Bluetooth devices, all connected to a power strip.

Today, power strips often incorporate USB ports and surge protection. We’ve tested and vetted through our research a range to determine which are the best. But first, some buying advice.

What to Consider

Surge ProtectionThe proliferation of wireless handheld devices that charge at lower voltages makes surge protection more important than ever. Power surges can occur for a number of reasons, such as lightning strikes and power fluctuations during storms. It’s best to unplug sensitive electronic equipment during lightning storms. Look for surge protectors rated in thousands of joules to adequately protect your home entertainment system or computers.

Port and Outlet SelectionIf you’re using the surge protector as a power hub for your home office, consider the number of ports and outlets available. The power strip should have enough outlets to accommodate all your devices without overloading your wall outlet.

USB OptionsUSB-C is slowly becoming the standard due to its faster data transfer and charging speeds. Consider a power strip with USB-C ports, but also make sure it has USB-A ports in case you still need to connect devices that use this type of USB.

We’ve tested several power strips and here are the best options:

Belkin Power Strip Surge ProtectorBelkin offers a 12-outlet surge protector with various ports to accommodate all your equipment. The slim design fits under desks and behind furniture. It also features sliding covers to protect unused outlets from dust and debris. Belkin provides a $100,000 connected equipment warranty with this surge protector.

Betek 8-Outlet 6-Foot Extension Cord Power StripBetek’s power strip is ideal for under-desk use. It has eight outlets, with two set apart for devices with large plugs. The four smart USB charging ports ensure optimal charging for each device. The power strip also has an integrated circuit breaker for overload protection.

These power strips offer surge protection and ample outlets for all your devices. They are reliable and provide the necessary features to keep your electronics safe and well-powered.

What to ConsiderSurge ProtectionPort and Outlet SelectionUSB OptionsBelkin Power Strip Surge ProtectorBetek 8-Outlet 6-Foot Extension Cord Power Strip