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Diablo 4 Experiences Game

Aug 16, 2023

What the hell is going on with Diablo 4? A recent game-breaking bug discovered in Diablo 4 has caught up the attention of everyone playing the game. The bug allows players to transfer items between the standard server and the seasonal server, giving them an unfair advantage in gameplay.

This bug was first mentioned on an online forum by a South Korean player. According to his detailed explanation, the method requires two people to group as seasonal characters. While one person disconnects their LAN cable, the other waits for them to reconnect. After seeing a disconnection message in the character selection screen, the disconnected player reconnects their cable and chooses a standard character. Now they share phasing and can transfer items between servers.

What alarmed the community was when a player successfully used this bug to allow seasonal and standard characters to play together. They activated the sigils held by their eternal character, enabling them to play alongside the friend’s seasonal character. This led to them obtaining the Heart of Malignant during a dungeon run.

As per game rules, the Heart of Malignant can only be inserted into accessories in the seasonal server. However, due to the bug, it can be placed in all item slots on the standard server, effectively making the player considerably more powerful. The potential implications are substantial, as it could heavily disrupt the game’s balance and economy.

The player who discovered the bug speculated that if someone were to exploit this bug since the start of the season and sold standard gears in the season, it would drastically inflate the amount of gold in circulation. This could lead to an influx of real-world money exchanging hands as players sell their in-game gold to other players.

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