Upcycle thrifted décor for outdoor lighting
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Upcycle thrifted décor for outdoor lighting

Jun 13, 2023

All of these vases were thrifted for a total cost of about $21. Adding mini string lights to the lavender vase with gold accents adds elegance to any space.

Outdoor lighting for the patio and garden doesn’t have to cost a lot to look beautiful. Old glassware, such as bottles and jars, are some of my favorite things to pick up at the thrift store. Not only are they great for storage and décor in the house, but they can also make charming patio lighting.

By removing the stake part that would go in the ground, you can place a solar light on top of a jar. If some extra width is needed to achieve the right fit, just use some hot glue to add some thick twine around the light. Inexpensive string lights are also great to drop into a vase, bottle or jar to add some light to your tablescape, inside or out. If the opening is large enough, the little puck lights that operate by remote control are also fun to use.

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This thrifted crystal egg adds extra flair on a table or counter, indoors or out.

An old metal candelabra can make a nice outdoor centerpiece using solar lights.

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