AVM To Announce New FRITZ! Line At IFA 2023
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AVM To Announce New FRITZ! Line At IFA 2023

Aug 25, 2023

AVM Fritz are set to present a new range of products that have been tipped to launch in the upcoming months.

First up is the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro, which is an all in one, future proof router accommodating DSL as well as fibre optic technology. Equipped with built in support for WiFi 7, DECT, Zigbee, and a robust gigabit LAN. It also facilitates tri-band mesh routing on 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz frequency, with data rates up to 18.5Gbit/s/

See below the specifications for the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro:

Next is the FRITZ!Box Fiber, where users can keep a real time tab on the connection’s quality, speed, and historical performance, aiming to bring together all digital needs including streaming, smart home solutions, and IP telephony.

With WiFi 6 still fresh, AVM Fritz is already beginning to move to WiFi 7, and now the FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro and 6670 Cable models are expected to support future IEEE 802.11be standard.

See below the FRITZ!Box 6670 Cable specifications:

The FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX has been designed for FRITZ!Mesh, guaranteeing data delivery at speeds of up to 1200Mbit/s over existing power lines and 600Mbit/s via WiFi 6.

See below the specifications for FRITZ!Powerline 1240 AX

The new FRITZ!DECT 350 sensor offers immediate detection of door or window states, for the creation of energy efficient routines. Upcoming Matter and Zigbee integration will allow users to control smart devices across multiple brands through a unified interface.

See the FRITZ!DECT 350 specifications below:

MyFRITZ!Net offers long term analysis and real time energy consumption data for FRITZ!DECT 200 and 210. Also launching is intuitive wizards on the MyFRITZ!App, for an easy set-up and transition to a new FRITZ!Box.

The FRITZ!App suite will also receive upgrades, including a video door opener feature in FRITZ!App Fon and WiFi 7 support in FRITZ!App WLAN.

Be sure to check out AVM Fritz at IFA 2023 held in Berlin, Germany.